Wednesday, June 17, 2009


WHY? i choose to write about this subject beacause it turns my stomach to know dirty old man actually got pleasure out of using little girls for their own sexual needs. I have a little sister and i can't imagine her being sold to some old geyser and to be use for god knows what. when i came across this picture my eyes began to water just thinking of how much pain the chldren must be going through, the suffering, they go through it makes me angry

Yester Years and Today

4 million people are trafficked each year selling at $7 making a profit of billions. Years ago life was much simpler we allowed kids to play in the front without having to worring about what would happen. My grandmother always tells me about how good things use to be back in the days. There wasn't as much sickness and rarely any perverts, well rarely any that showed their faces.I went on vaction to PA to vist some family my favorite place to go at night is wal-mart everytime i leave there i always take time to look at the wall.Well just recently when i went there must of been at least 10 missing children in the area some missing for day and some for years. Scary to think how these everyday kids could just go missing. Some last seen getting of the school bus but never making it home and some just never making around the corner to their house. Who knows where these kids are and what could they be doing.

I remember I heard on the news about this girl thats was missing for about 3months and came back with her story how she was used for sex, business uses and to traffick drugs. She was scared to leave they always threaten of killing her family if she left. She said how her life could never be the same because she always thought they will come back and take her again. Even though i hate to listen to my mom or grandmother i think to myself that i have to be careful of whos watching or who's around because i never know where i could end up the next day

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lets Help this stop

Opening season was started with an eye opening video about a 13yr old girl named Constance who was sold by her father for 9 dollar. The man who bought her used her to be main girl on his porn site.Following this video was three women who shine the light on darkside of the life in the "Red Light District". Currently there are 27 million people enslaved in sex trafficking making it the third largest african american selling market today.

Reading this touched my heart to know there are others out there who aren't just blogging like me but actually trying to do something to stop these monsters that get pleasure out of selling little girls and women.Bethany is saving up to building a facility to put women and children who have ran away of the life of trafficking. This helps make the sitution a little more simpler because sometimes women who dont run away feel they dont have no where to go or people will be mad at them or they just dont feel that they will be safe after.Having a safe enviroment and warming home like feeling gives these women better reason to try to get out and never look back.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Should Ex-Convicted Predators Be Track?

Would you want to know if a just released convict is living in your area?
Even worse what if he was in jail for child abuse or sexual harrasment?
You would be woring knowing your child is in danger just living a couple of houses away from yours.Scared that every time your child steps out your afraid its thier last. Knowing that someone like that changes your life and creates a scared and hostel environment. Could there be a second time to his crime?

Its been asked alot if convicted criminals shoud be tracked, it affects there lifes but help ours. Being aware of who lives in our community makes it feel safer at home. Taking a walk to the supermarket or even to the front to get your paper knowing wat those looks mean people stares thinking that your always armed. After a criminal gone to jail and done his time and understood wat he has done i dont think is fair for them to cum out of jail and be looked as animals out of control but then again i have to know if my life and family is in danger so i dont take part of either side of the situation but i think that everyone should understand both sides and how can it change either people lifes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Eye catching, Ironic , Weird but true getting straight to the point this is how its done not literally but girls are kidnapped drugged and raped and than they in plant drugs in there bodies and sent off to make business off in different countries like a package. Don't let this be your child stand up and do something even by saying something you are helping !!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Websites such as Myspace, Facebook, and even Craigslist theses are website we use everyday but are people using it the same way as us? NO! hard to say and impossible to believe there are crazy people using these sites to pray on their next victims.Did you recently hear about the Craigslist killer

Boston cops on Monday night branded a 22-year-old med student engaged to be married as the "Craigslist Killer" who murdered a pretty New York masseuse and attacked at least two other escorts in hotels.The slain 26-year-old New Yorker advertised her services on craigslist and was shot in a posh Boston hotel last Tuesday. Lorry driver Wayne Forrester, 34, told police he felt "humiliated and devastated" when Emma, his wife of 15 years, changed her online profile four days after he moved out of their home.

He then drove back to the marital home near Croydon, south London, in the early hours armed with a kitchen knife and a meat cleaver.

Fuelled by cocaine and alcohol he attacked his wife as she lay in bed, beating her, tearing out clumps of her hair, and stabbing her repeatedly in the head, neck and arms.

When police officers arrived they found Forrester walking out of the house with a carton of fruit juice in his hand.

He held out his bloodied hands and said: "My wife's in there, I've killed her."

thanks to advance in technology it has become easier for these predator to be on the low and look out for their next victim. Its like my mom always told me just talk to people you know are actually the person you know because online anyone can be anyone. Make sure you know exactly who your kids are talking to and because your an adult doesn't make it any better it goes both ways. Be aware of what lies may lay behind your computer screen

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why The Bureaucracy Is Preventing Police Force From Catching Sex Criminals

Acorrding to my research i found that the bureaucracy is preventing Hungarian police force from actually catching sex criminals because of the following reasons:
1. Law enforcement officials are unaware of or confused by the definition of trafficking in persons under national and international law.
2. Given that prostitution is permissible in some locations, police lack incentives to investigate whether prostitution is linked to trafficking.
3. Police assume that prostitutes have all consented to sex work and cannot be victims of trafficking.
4. Misperceptions about the evidence required to prove a trafficking case, challenges in obtaining evidence and the length of time required to secure a successful prosecution dissuade police from investigating the crime.
5. Confusion about the status of minors within prostitution undermines police efforts to combat trafficking.
Basically they are saying no victums are coming forward and if so they information is being lost.
Being that the bureaucracy is such a long process i think that they feel they have to focus on the more important issues dealing with the world.Since they dont actually know how many Pimps or victums are out there they dont know who they would be looking for or where.Should we try to alert the bureaucracy and save victums in hold?how?.