Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why The Bureaucracy Is Preventing Police Force From Catching Sex Criminals

Acorrding to my research i found that the bureaucracy is preventing Hungarian police force from actually catching sex criminals because of the following reasons:
1. Law enforcement officials are unaware of or confused by the definition of trafficking in persons under national and international law.
2. Given that prostitution is permissible in some locations, police lack incentives to investigate whether prostitution is linked to trafficking.
3. Police assume that prostitutes have all consented to sex work and cannot be victims of trafficking.
4. Misperceptions about the evidence required to prove a trafficking case, challenges in obtaining evidence and the length of time required to secure a successful prosecution dissuade police from investigating the crime.
5. Confusion about the status of minors within prostitution undermines police efforts to combat trafficking.
Basically they are saying no victums are coming forward and if so they information is being lost.
Being that the bureaucracy is such a long process i think that they feel they have to focus on the more important issues dealing with the world.Since they dont actually know how many Pimps or victums are out there they dont know who they would be looking for or where.Should we try to alert the bureaucracy and save victums in hold?how?.


  1. Priscilla, nice job on this post. I know the information was difficult to sift through. Can you please link to the article that you got the information from, otherwise it can be considered plagiarism.

    Nice understanding of bureaucracy's "red tape"

  2. lol i forgot the site ms klein so i dont thinki could link it