Monday, June 8, 2009

Should Ex-Convicted Predators Be Track?

Would you want to know if a just released convict is living in your area?
Even worse what if he was in jail for child abuse or sexual harrasment?
You would be woring knowing your child is in danger just living a couple of houses away from yours.Scared that every time your child steps out your afraid its thier last. Knowing that someone like that changes your life and creates a scared and hostel environment. Could there be a second time to his crime?

Its been asked alot if convicted criminals shoud be tracked, it affects there lifes but help ours. Being aware of who lives in our community makes it feel safer at home. Taking a walk to the supermarket or even to the front to get your paper knowing wat those looks mean people stares thinking that your always armed. After a criminal gone to jail and done his time and understood wat he has done i dont think is fair for them to cum out of jail and be looked as animals out of control but then again i have to know if my life and family is in danger so i dont take part of either side of the situation but i think that everyone should understand both sides and how can it change either people lifes.

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