Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yester Years and Today

4 million people are trafficked each year selling at $7 making a profit of billions. Years ago life was much simpler we allowed kids to play in the front without having to worring about what would happen. My grandmother always tells me about how good things use to be back in the days. There wasn't as much sickness and rarely any perverts, well rarely any that showed their faces.I went on vaction to PA to vist some family my favorite place to go at night is wal-mart everytime i leave there i always take time to look at the wall.Well just recently when i went there must of been at least 10 missing children in the area some missing for day and some for years. Scary to think how these everyday kids could just go missing. Some last seen getting of the school bus but never making it home and some just never making around the corner to their house. Who knows where these kids are and what could they be doing.

I remember I heard on the news about this girl thats was missing for about 3months and came back with her story how she was used for sex, business uses and to traffick drugs. She was scared to leave they always threaten of killing her family if she left. She said how her life could never be the same because she always thought they will come back and take her again. Even though i hate to listen to my mom or grandmother i think to myself that i have to be careful of whos watching or who's around because i never know where i could end up the next day

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